Today @ FMCI

My 20 year position that buying a car is a losing proposition is now subject to change. This car purchase was the first time in my life I didn't feel like I needed a bath afterwards. In fact, I drove my 2008 BMW X3 off the lot happy as a clam. My husband badly wanted a BMW X3. I was hesitant due to the higher than average purchase price as compared to other models in class, plus concerns that BMWs are "fussy" and prone to expensive repairs. I'm a pragmatist when it comes to cars, but decided to throw caution to the wind and make my awesome husband happy. In the end, the decision made us all happy. He's 6'5", I'm 5'6", and we have a small child. Finding a family friendly, non-nerdy, comfortable car that fits both of us is no small undertaking - much less one that's fun to drive, attractive or with luxury features. My kid even loves the giant moon roof and quietly stares at the sky while driving which is infinitely better than a DVD player. I extensively researched BMW dealerships in Greater Boston and found Foreign Motor Cars through Google. I elected to buy a used X3 from them based on their outstanding internet reviews, and also to support a small local business owned by people who are passionate about what they do which was evident from their website. These guys are great, and I mean GREAT. They were highly responsive, honest, helpful, friendly, smart, efficient and trustworthy. They were unwilling to negotiate, but likely because they priced the car fairly. They took extra time to teach me how to use the navigation and the bluetooth. No question I presented by email went unanswered. Example: a couple of weeks after purchase, the battery died while I was at the pharmacy filling prescriptions for my sick husband and son. It was one of those horrible days when it was pouring rain and everyone is sick and you feel like one more thing might just do you in. I called Kyle to ask about the battery. He explained why it had died (totally our fault), asked me where I was (implication: if close he would have come to help me), told me how best to charge it, and even called me later in the day to make sure we got home safely. Now that's some good old fashioned service and it made my day. I had additional follow-up questions about the X3 and they answered every question quickly and thoroughly, exceeding any expectation I could have had. I highly recommend Foreign Motorcars without a single reservation and hope that they are able to grow their business. We need more dealers like them in Boston and beyond. Folks, these guys are the real deal. Go buy your next BMW from them!

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is simple: “Within the first year of owning a Foreign Motorcars, Inc. BMW, one oil change is all you should need to spend on maintenance.” We at Foreign Motorcars, Inc. spend an average of $2000 per BMW Car and $3000 per BMW SUV on Factory items like BMW filters, BMW fluids, BMW tires and BMW minor and major inspectional services. This is so You, our future BMW Client, will not have too. Whether you want to Service your BMW with us, Buy a BMW from us, or just simply pick our brains a bit, you’ll always feel welcomed here at Foreign Motorcars, Inc.

  • Our Clientele

    Our clientele typically do not buy a base, under-optioned BMW vehicle. Our BMW Buyers are looking for that extraordinary vehicle with that extra option or that ultra-rare feature. Many of our clientele have been looking for or waiting for that special BMW for a very long time. Be it 8 months or 8 years, they know what they want and we intend to deliver. We will impress you with every Foreign Motorcars, Inc. vehicle. Weather you are looking for a BMW 1-Series, BMW 2-Series, BMW 3-Series, BMW 4-Series, BMW 5-Series, an X, Z or even an M, we have that “Needle in a Haystack” most BMW Enthusiasts are searching for. Foreign Motorcars, Inc. will only buy a car, truck or SUV that’s exciting to us. We strive to find that one special vehicle that we would drive personally and put our own family in. We are Enthusiasts.

  • Our Story

    Foreign Motorcars, Inc. is not your typical Pre-Owned Dealership. We DO NOT go to some big auction house, raise our hands and purchase twenty vehicles in two hours without ever sitting in, driving or scrutinizing each one. We also DO NOT buy the cheapest no-name tires, inexpensive aftermarket fluids and filters or put 87 octane fuel in our vehicles. Unfortunately that’s the norm but we just won’t do it! We at Foreign Motorcars, Inc. seek out, purchase, service and sell our vehicles one at a time. We know the history of every single one and prior to any purchase we run a Carfax report, VIN check, BMW factory history report and BMW warranty statement. Only then once all those check out do we consider the purchase as long as it passes our own internal inspection. You will not be disappointed.

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