Foreign Motorcars, Inc. was established in Quincy, Massachusetts on July 28, 2005 by long time friends and enthusiasts David Bluestein and Kyle Chadwick. David and Kyle have always had a passion for meticulous workmanship and German engineering making the automobile business the obvious choice. With the opportunity to exclusively service and sell pre-owned BMW vehicles they set out to create a unique experience by eliminating commission-based service advisors and salespeople in order to focus on individual needs.

Foreign Motorcars, Inc. has all the tools, computers, equipment and parts to fix any BMW vehicle accurately, efficiently and reasonably. Feel free to call and speak directly to our dedicated BMW technicians at any time for an honest diagnosis of what is necessary to repair today and what can likely be put off for later.

We source our BMW vehicles from coast to coast running extensive background checks on each one we purchase. In addition to accident checks, we value ownership transfers, warranty claims, recall status and most importantly service history which gives us a deep insight to how the vehicle has been maintained.

We have an obsession with perfection that’s displayed throughout every vehicle we touch. We are extremely knowledgeable, ultra professional and surprisingly reasonable. Please give us a chance to impress you.

Today @ FMCI

I rarely write positive reviews for auto service shops, since my standards for praise are extremely high, but after my last visit with Foreign Motorcars located in Quincy, MA, I decided it was time to tag my name to a business that I respect, and have come to truly appreciate. These guys are truly worthy of my praise and promotion. After I recently purchased a new to me X5, I went to a well known South Shore BMW dealers, since I had a misconception that the dealer would provide the ultimate in service, since they are a dealer with theoretically highly trained service personnel. What took me a few months and multi-thousands of dollars to learn was that the difference between Foreign Motorcars and the dealer's service department was not only their price, but their willingness to truly help. I say without exaggerations that every time I walked into the dealer, their only concern was how much I was willing to spend on repairs. At one point while at a local South Shore BMW dealer, I told them that my service budget was blown for the year repairing all the items that they said I needed serviced. Their response was "I hope you still have some money left. What about next year's budget, could you borrow from that?" The final straw with the dealer was when I had thousands of dollars worth of work done for a noise that they could not locate. I had informed them that I suspected that the trunk lid locking latch might be the culprit, but the dealer refused to listen and when I picked up my vehicle, I was hit with another $2,086 repair bill, which I couldn't pay in full, because I had set a fraud limit of $2,000 on the credit card I was using. They even spoke to my bank's customer service dept, which explained that the funds were available, but that I could only increase the limit at a bank branch, which were all close that late in the day. After spending thousands of dollars with that dealer, they wouldn't release my vehicle to me over an $86 deficit, even though I only authorized a lesser amount to which their response was that it didn't include tax. I had to sign multiple documents and leave my credit card with them, so they could charge me the $86 the next day. I was made to feel like a deadbeat and I was caused much embarrassment in front of the entire showroom floor. Only to find out later that they hadn't deducted a $140 credit that I had with them from a previous service overcharge! At that point I washed my hands of them, and took my vehicle to David at Foreign Motorcars, and explained my predicament with the noise that couldn't be localised. After describing this to David, he quickly informed me of an issue with my model's rear hatch lid locking system that has been known to make that type of noise and fixed it for a very modest fee. Had I seen Foreign Motorcars earlier, I would have saved thousands of dollars in repairs that did almost nothing for the vehicle except swap out parts that were in good condition, and a humiliating experience over $86. Enough about the dealer. Let's talk about the amazing customer service and work I have since received from David and Foreign Motorcars. I've went in there ready to spend money on what I thought was needed service (recommended by the stealer), only to have David tell me to wait on it, since after his inspection was adamant that I did not need at the current time. He has always gone above and beyond whenever I've brought my vehicle in to him, and on multiple occasions actually charged me less than the original quote. I've owned many vehicles, and I never had a service provider charge me less than the original quote. As a matter of fact, I had recently purchased some HID/LED aftermarket Angel Eye headlights, which should have taken 1.5 hours to install, which he quoted me for, only to find out that the headlight system manufacturer somehow forgot that X5's with headlight washer systems have to have the bumper dropped to pull out the old light and install the new ones, which is no small task and easily doubled the effort to replace the lights. Not only did he do it for the original quote, he gave me a discount for my continued patronage. I proudly work for a great company, which prides itself on moral and ethical values, and I know a true customer advocate when I deal with one, and these guys are legit! I cannot praise them highly enough. David always goes above and beyond whenever I have my vehicle serviced with him, which almost makes me feel guilty that he's so good to me and my car, so as a small token of appreciation I wanted to write what I would consider an honest and Foreign Motorcar worthy review. Not only do these guys deserve your business, they will appreciate it and show you how much they do. Do yourself and your car a favor and see David and have your BMW service done there. I treat my car almost better than I treat myself, and I will no longer go to the local stealer to have anything done. He's wholeheartedly won my business for life.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is simple: “Within the first year of owning a Foreign Motorcars, Inc. BMW, one oil change is all you should need to spend on maintenance.” We at Foreign Motorcars, Inc. spend an average of $2000 per BMW Car and $3000 per BMW SUV on Factory items like BMW filters, BMW fluids, BMW tires and BMW minor and major inspectional services. This is so You, our future BMW Client, will not have too. Whether you want to Service your BMW with us, Buy a BMW from us, or just simply pick our brains a bit, you’ll always feel welcomed here at Foreign Motorcars, Inc.

  • Our Clientele

    Our clientele typically do not buy a base, under-optioned BMW vehicle. Our BMW Buyers are looking for that extraordinary vehicle with that extra option or that ultra-rare feature. Many of our clientele have been looking for or waiting for that special BMW for a very long time. Be it 8 months or 8 years, they know what they want and we intend to deliver. We will impress you with every Foreign Motorcars, Inc. vehicle. Weather you are looking for a BMW 1-Series, BMW 2-Series, BMW 3-Series, BMW 4-Series, BMW 5-Series, an X, Z or even an M, we have that “Needle in a Haystack” most BMW Enthusiasts are searching for. Foreign Motorcars, Inc. will only buy a car, truck or SUV that’s exciting to us. We strive to find that one special vehicle that we would drive personally and put our own family in. We are Enthusiasts.

  • Our Story

    Foreign Motorcars, Inc. is not your typical Pre-Owned Dealership. We DO NOT go to some big auction house, raise our hands and purchase twenty vehicles in two hours without ever sitting in, driving or scrutinizing each one. We also DO NOT buy the cheapest no-name tires, inexpensive aftermarket fluids and filters or put 87 octane fuel in our vehicles. Unfortunately that’s the norm but we just won’t do it! We at Foreign Motorcars, Inc. seek out, purchase, service and sell our vehicles one at a time. We know the history of every single one and prior to any purchase we run a Carfax report, VIN check, BMW factory history report and BMW warranty statement. Only then once all those check out do we consider the purchase as long as it passes our own internal inspection. You will not be disappointed.

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